Corrosive Chemicals, Part 4

Don’t forget to keep the solvent container lid on when performing tasks.

Suppose you’re working with a “day can” (small container for a particular job) of a solvent. It’s properly labeled and you even remembered to get a lid for it so you don’t spill any taking it to and from the work location.

This job involves brushing some solvent onto mating surfaces, then wiping them clean. The subsequent tasks take about 10 minutes, and then you’re ready for the next pair of mating surfaces. Your foreman walks by and asks you why the lid is off the can.

It’s a good question. With the lid on, fumes are reduced and you eliminate a spill risk. Yes, it does take time to repeatedly fuss with that lid. If that’s your issue, you may be stuck for now with that particular annoyance.

Perhaps this problem can be solved with a different type of container (e.g., one with a squirt nozzle) or a different method of applying the solvent (e.g., presoaked wipes and disposal container).

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