Innovation distinguishes a leader from a follower and EMSPEC is a leading innovator in the switchgear market, a global designer and manufacturer of high and medium voltage switching equipment intended for electric power transmission, substations, power generation, renewable energy, heavy energy industry and electrified public rail transportation systems.

EMSPEC’s origin dates back to 1947 as part of the European SDCEM group. Introduced in North America in 1992 as SDCEM Inc., the company became EMSPEC Inc. in 2002 when the local partners acquired the shares from the parent company. We are now a pioneer in innovative switchgear solutions, and our reach extends globally with a strong presence from coast to coast in Canada and holding important market shares in the USA, China, Australia and many more global regions.

EMSPEC manufactures high quality switching equipment, including a complete range of high and medium voltage disconnect switches such as the folding vertical break, vertical break, center break, double end break, side break, semi-pantograph, indoor and outdoor tilt switches, grounding switches, manual and motor operators and a complete range of accessories.

From our modest beginnings to our current leading position in serving many major utilities, power generation customers and the electric energy industry worldwide with our inspired products, services, integrated systems and solutions, we are proud of our accomplishments and want to spread the power of innovation and our knowledge to all of our current and future customers by providing enhanced technology, reliability and high quality products.

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