GE installs turbine upgrade technology at 500MW Najibiya Power Plant in Iraq

EBR Staff Writer Published 04 April 2018

GE Power said that it has installed a Advanced Gas Path (AGP) gas turbine upgrade solution at the 500MW Najibiya Power Plant in Iraq, owned by the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity (MOE).

The gas turbine upgrade solution is expected to help in enhancing the availability and performance of the oil-fueled power plant in decreasing the downtime of the turbines.

These factors will enable each of the gas turbines to deliver power into the Iraqi power grid for longer periods, thereby helping the Gulf country to meet its increasing electricity needs.

The upgrade is also likely to help the MOE to cut down on the annual operations and maintenance costs of the power plant.

Iraqi Ministry of Electricity official spokesperson Mussab Almudaris said: “We are focused on enhancing access to electricity for our people and one of the critical means to achieve this goal is to make the best possible use of existing power generation infrastructure.

“GE’s upgrade technology at the Najibiya Power Plant is helping us to do just that, supporting the delivery of electricity for longer periods of time from the same turbines. This was a much-needed solution, particularly with Ramadan, the month of fasting, and the hot summer months right around the corner.”

Powered by four GE 9E gas turbines, the Najibiya Power Plant, which has been generating power since 2015, operates mainly on heavy fuel oil (HFO). It is located in the Basra governorate and was built near the Iraq-Kuwait border.

GE power services business in Africa, India and the Middle East president & CEO Joseph Anis said: “Access to uninterrupted electricity is a cornerstone of modern civilization and essential to a high quality of life.

“GE’s Advanced Gas Path solution can help each turbine at the Najibiya Power Plant run for up to an additional three months per year when the plant is powered by heavy fuel oil, substantially increasing the amount of electricity available for both domestic and commercial use.”

Through a five-year agreement signed in 2015, GE Power is also responsible for the supply of parts, repairs and services for the Najibiya Power Plant. The company is also responsible for on-site monitoring services for the gas turbines of the Iraqi power plant.

Image: GE claims that its AGP gas turbine upgrade solution will reduce downtime of the Najibiya Power Plant. Photo: courtesy of General Electric.

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