Phase two Transco pipeline system expansion facilities enter service

Williams Partners L.P. recently announced that it placed into service the facilities constructed as part of Phase 2 of the Garden State Expansion Project, an expansion of the Transco pipeline system.

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The Garden State Expansion Project is designed to deliver 180,000 dekatherms a day of additional natural gas capacity to New Jersey Natural Gas. Phase 1 of the project entered service in September 2017.

“The Garden State project highlights our continued execution on projects designed to enhance existing infrastructure, ensuring a reliable supply of clean energy to meet our customers’ natural gas needs,” Alan Armstrong, CEO of Williams Partners’ general partner, said. “As demonstrated by this continued high-level of demand, Williams Partners is well-positioned to serve the natural gas needs of markets up and down the eastern United States — ensuring consumers continue to benefit from reliable, affordable, American-made energy.”

The project provides firm transportation from Transco’s Zone 6 Station 210 Pooling Point in Mercer County, New Jersey to a new interconnection on its Trenton Woodbury Lateral in Burlington County, New Jersey.

It included the installation of a new compressor station and a meter and regulating station in Burlington County as well as the modifications and the addition of compression at an existing Transco compressor station in New Jersey.

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